The Play Whale is an urban pocket park concept which came as a result of short summer holiday project in 2019. As part of our brief we had to choose 3 abandoned sites and analyse them using a variety of mediums. We then had to choose what site we wanted to take forward and develop further. In this instance I chose my third site, a former shop that had lain derelict for years on the Murraygate in Dundee city centre. After experimenting with a number of ideas, I decided to redesign the site as a pocket park based on the theme of the Tay Whale. This dates back to an old story in Dundee during the whaling industry when the city's community came together. I felt the area could really benefit from a park space for shoppers, city centre workers and visitors to the city. Below is a brief summary of my project but you can find out more if you head over to my blog.