Chronic Pain Photo shoot

When I was doing my Chronic Pain Travelling Exhibition project for University one of the biggest challenges was conveying an invisible condition. I decided to put my photography skills to good use and arranged a photo shoot with chronic pain sufferer Shirley Townsley at Tentsmuir Forest in Fife. Using the main points I had gathered during my research into chronic pain conditions and having the trees likened to nerve pain receptors as a back drop, I came up with a number of good images which help to communicate the daily struggle living with a Chronic Pain Condition.

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Having a chronic pain condition can be like an attack on all your senses and as a result many Chronic Pain Sufferers report sensory overload.


Most people with a chronic pain condition report feeling overwhelmingly tired some or all of the time and struggle keeping up with daily tasks.


People who suffer from chronic pain can often be highly sensitive to touch or any ordinary pressure where even a hug can hurt.


Chronic pain can be so debilitating that many sufferers proclaim they feel trapped as they are unable to get out and about.


Many people who suffer from chronic pain say that they feel miserable and just a shadow of their former selves.


Many chronic pain sufferers especially those with Fibromyalgia report memory loss and migraines


Having a pain condition can make life very difficult keeping up with responsibilities such as looking after children or other loved ones.


Living with a chronic pain condition can be a very lonely experience as no one understands.


Having a chronic pain condition can be one of the most isolating things there is.


The day to day struggle of living with a chronic pain condition can be very stressful which in turn makes the condition worse


The worst thing is no longer being able to keep up with social and family connections


Most people are unaware of the day to day struggle that comes with living with a Chronic Pain Condition.