Heavens above!


Design outcome for the Finish the Tower course project at Logie and St John's Cross Church on Blackness Avenue, Dundee. Heaven's above: Let there be light is a new extension to the front of the church which utilises the power of the sun. Not only does it allow more light into the building, but it also employs the use of photovoltaic solar tiles and glass panels to provide energy to the church thus reducing its carbon footprint. It is built in the style of a circular inverted amphitheatre creating a contemplative zone where you can sit and watch the world around you go by. Moving away from the archaic cross and angular church forms, the circular shape of the new build represents equality to all and promotes inclusivity as seen in modern contemporary religious architecture. The building is centred around a focal point, the central disc podium being a viewing platform where your eye is directed above towards the heavens by way of a large solar tubular skylight.


The south east facing aspect of the site is particularly good for harnessing the sun’s energy earlier in the day providing power for the space and the rest of the church building. On the ground level there is a community café and public gallery tiered seating area, providing an open outlook to the exterior and main church hall. On the 2nd mezzanine level there is extra table seating for café users which provides an open balcony panoramic view of all around including into the church. On the upper level is an enclosed glass space providing opens views out to the exterior and across the top of the church. These multi-use spaces can be used for community group activities or as an extra workspace for staff. Each level is serviced by a staircase, elevator and accessible toilet.
Using the circular shapes of the sun dial and scared geometry patterns I have developed a spherical building evolved to the sun’s daily rhythm. A building which steps out from the cold and dark to provide a warm welcome to the local community.