The Lade

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This family centre design won the Social Impact Design Award at the London New Designers Awards 2020 in association with Creative Conscience and the Business Design Centre.

You can read the full project magazine and the link below or find out more about my creative process over on my blog.

The Lade is a child-centred community hub which promotes the natural development of youngsters living in the city. Set in a former Dundee Jute Mill, the large space encompasses a creative arts area, a co-working space and a community café whilst retaining many of the original features of the historic, industrial building. It features a large indoor play area, including different zones for infants, providing a sensory-rich environment that encourages free play.

A water channel running through the site, previously used to power jute production is now an attractive focal point and gives the centre its name. The building is powered by a waterwheel which sits upon this lade and photovoltaic solar times on the centre’s feature copper roof making it cost effective to run. 

The south facing derelict ground has been converted into a community orchard encouraging patrons to grow and tend their own food thus encouraging healthier lifestyles for families in the city. The centre provides support, learning opportunities and social areas for both children and their carers allowing access to affordable childcare, work areas and networking with other families. As well as having a strong focus on nature and sustainability; the design aims to simulate a village community atmosphere which is often lost in today’s modern, urban landscape. As the saying goes; it takes a village to raise a child.

If you want to find out more about my design process you can click on the link to my thesis magazine at the top of this page or head over to my blog.

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